Michigan Football Returns Today, Go Blue [VIDEO]
This is one of the greatest ways to kick off a holiday weekend. Michigan football returns today and game time is noon. The Wolverines will take on the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. Here is a Q&A with Michigan's quarterback William Speight earlier this week talking today's game.
Michigan To Suspend Road Projects For The Holiday Weekend
This is really good news if you were planning to travel this holiday weekend. The weather is looking great and a lot a people will be out trying to celebrate the holiday. We all know that Michigan is brutal when it comes to construction, but you should be okay for some travel this weekend.
Romeo, Michigan Teen Is A YouTube Sensation [VIDEO]
A lot of people on Facebook and Instagram think they are models. Posing in front of your cell phone does not make one a model. When it comes to being a YouTube star - the proof is in the views. One Romeo,Michigan girl, Katie Betzing, has the 'clicks' to back up her YouTube stardom.

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