Prescription Painkiller Deaths Are Up in Michigan
The abuse of prescription painkillers is becoming a real problem in Michigan, according to a new report.
The Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation published their findings last week, which “shows that uncoordinated opioid prescriptions put hundreds of privately insured pa…
Michigan Court Finds MMJ Patients Cannot Smoke Weed in Cars
Michigan medical marijuana patients can no longer seek stoned refuge inside their vehicle while parked outside a public place. Earlier last week, the state’s Court of Appeals found that medicating in a car outside an establishment frequented by the public was not an acceptable interpretation o…
Michigan Ahead of the Game in Job Creation, But Still Not Prosperous
While Michigan is purportedly ahead of most of the nation in adding jobs to the workforce, a new report finds that these positions are not contributing to a more prosperous environment.
In a report from Michigan Future Inc, it shows the state has added enough jobs over the past few years to be ranked…
Michigan Lawmakers Fight to End “Stand Your Ground” Law
A Michigan lawmaker is working to get the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law repealed.
State Senator Rebekah Warren recently introduced a piece of legislation aimed at putting an end to a law that allows residents to use deadly forces against another person in self defense...
Michigan Vegan Roughed Up By Injured Deer [VIDEO]
What the buck?
A Michigan woman was almost dead meat earlier this week after she was forced to get into a bare-knuckle brawl with an injured deer.
Reports indicate that Shawna Hoekstra from Alto spotted a deer in the field across from her house in the morning hours -- noticed it had been shot -- and f…

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