Soldier Gets Run Over During Military Parade [VIDEO]
Talk about your all time military fails. Watch the soldier on the bottom right hand of your screen as he totally gets run over by a BMP and actually lives. It's not like the vehicle just ran over his foot or something, it runs right over his body.
Comic Uses Class To Take Down Racist Heckler [VIDEO]
Hecklers, if you're in comedy it's just part of the game. And most times, comedians can handle themselves pretty well. Then, there are other times where the heckler will get the best of the comedian. This is one of those videos. However, I think this comedian bounces back pretty well and w…
Mark Wahlberg Defends the Military From Hollywood Elite [VIDEO]
Why anyone in Hollywood would ever think this is beyond me. But to vocalize it seems to be an even dumber idea, and on Veteran's day on too. But leave it to Tom Cruise  to say that his Job is "just as difficult as fighting in Afghanistan". Luckily, their's at least o…

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