MLB Umpire Blows Homerun Call, Twice [VIDEO]
And they wonder why people think they're blind. Another ump totally blows a call here. This time it's a home-run call during the A's/Indians game. The worst part is he still gets it wrong even after getting a chance to review it.
MLB Player ‘Taps’ Third Base Coach in the Crotch [Video]
It's a widely known fact that MLB players have a tendency to play pranks on one another, and sometimes, even the coaches get in on the fun. Which is what happened when Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur decided to play a prank most guys have been a victim too in their junior high and early hig…
Watch 5 MLB Pitches, All at Once [VIDEO]
Ok, this is an amazing and awesome use of technology by a Reddit user named DShep. I think the networks should look at using this during games to show the range and depth of a pitcher.
MLB Skipper Gets Busted Smoking During the Game [Video]
Based on this video snip-it Tiger's skipper Jim Leyland isn't the only one who can't control his nicotine fits during the game. Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington has the same vice. But after admitted cocaine use in 2010 I think this is really the lesser of two evils.
Bob Costas Drops Mad Rhymes on MLB TV
Usually when you hear people dropping the name Bob Costas in a conversation it's usually safe to say those people are talking about sports. However, moving forward, that may not be the case anymore.

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