The Week In Sports Recap 6/18/12
Sometimes I feel like watching sports stresses me out, but until watching Lifetime movies becomes okay for a man to do, I'll just keep shaking my head when I watch Sportscenter.  Check out my thoughts on the NBA Finals, why golf is awful, and Roger Clemens being found innocent.
The Week In Sports Recap 6/11/12
Busy week in the sports world, as the NBA Finals are set, the Tigers are finally getting it together and two sports people haven't cared about since the 1950's, boxing and horse racing, had big events this weekend.  Check out my thoughts.
The Week In Sports Recap 6/4/12
Breathe in all the sports you can during the upcoming weeks, because it won't be long before basketball and hockey are over, and football season is still a long way away.  My thoughts on the NBA Conference Finals, a disappointing stretch for the Tigers, and the reemergence of Tiger Woods.
Jim Leyland Sounds Off On Umps Blowing Call
You can't get mad at Jimmy "Smokes" for being fired up about the terrible officiating that cost the Tigers a game against the Red Sox.  It really was an awful call, and it really cost the Tigers the game.  Check out what Leyland had to say about the officials and the…
The Week In Sports Recap 5/21/12
It's funny how everyone can be bitching about the Tigers, but as soon as Justin Verlander gets out there and goes 8+ on a No-No and everybody is right back on board.  Thoughts on JV, why Matthew Stafford is the man, and why you should be cheering for the Pacers, even if one of them punched…
The Week In Sports Recap 5/14/12
Everybody step back from the ledge. The Tigers are going to be fine. Just relax people. My thoughts on the Tigs, the flopping epidemic of the NBA, and hell, we'll even talk some soccer.
Foul Ball Takes Out Couple
If you go to a baseball game, you have to be ready for a stray ball coming your way.  This couple was not ready, and they both paid dearly for their error.  Watch this ball seemingly break the laws of physics, as it travels from his crotch to her face.  It's a nut-shot/facial.
The Week In Sports Recap 5/7/12
Have you ever spent the entire weekend, on your couch, drinking, smoking, and watching sports?  Welcome to my life.  Check out my thoughts on aftermath of Junior Seau's suicide, the ridiculousness that is Floyd Mayweather, and why Jimmy Smokes Leyland is stressing me out.
The Week In Sports Recap 4/30/12
How is it that we are in the best month in sports, but every Detroit team has dropped the ball?  It's been a frustrating week to sit around and watch sports, but hey, somebody has to do it.
“Brandon Inge In Toledo” South Park Parody
Brandon Inge gets a lot of hate, and while I'm not as anti-Inge as most Tigers fans, the dude has turned into a joke.  Check out this spoof of South Park's 'Jackin' It In San Diego'  featuring every0ne's least favorite Tiger.

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