The Week In Sports Recap 4/23/12
I love watching sports, because you can feel the glory of winning, with no effort what so ever.  Check out what's happening in the world of men getting paid millions of dollars to play a game.
The Week In Sports Recap 4/16/12
Another weekend in the books, another 48 hours of me laying on the couch, in my underwear, watching sports, drunk. Check out what's happening in the world of sports.
The Week In Sports Recap 4/9/12
April is one of the better months in sports, considering that we are looking at NHL and NBA playoffs, the start of the baseball season, and a tradition unlike any other, The Masters.  Check out my thoughts on what's going on around the sporting world.
Weekend Sports In Retrospect 4/2/12
Most dudes would love to be able to sit around and watch sports all weekend, but they have houses keep up, kids to keep alive, and women to keep happy. Lucky for me, I rent, practice birth control, and ignore my girlfriend. Check out my thoughts on what's going on in sports.
Funny Video Questioning the Yankees Sexuallity
The Yankees are right up there with Ohio State and the Blackhawks when it comes to teams that can suck it.  The Tigers are looking to end their season tonight and I couldn't be more pumped.  Check out this video if you need more proof of the douchbaggery going on in NY.
Video Of MLB Infield Triple
Make no mistake about it, a triple is the hardest hit to come by.  Every game in Major League Baseball averages 2.2 homeruns and .4 triples.  So the fact that Brendan Ryan of the Seattle Mariners hit an in the infield triple is insane.