Check Out 140 Funny MMA Moments [NSFW VIDEO]
The fights were all over social media over the weekend. Whether you are a fan or not there is no way to avoid them. Here are some funny clips from fighters through out the years. Take a few minutes out of your day to have a laugh and check them out.
Knight Fights Are Real And Happening In MMA Rings [VIDEO]
Just when you start to wonder what is next, we come across knight fighting. Watch as these knights take to the ring and battle it out. These are no ordinary simple matches that you would see choreographed at the Ren Fest. The definitely fight to win and beat their opponents.
MMA Fighter VS. Redneck – Friday Night Fights
This is one hell of a street fight. It seemed pretty even in the beginning with a slight advantage to the kid in the blue shorts. Then he landed a few vicious blows and it was down hill from there. Quite the long fight too. Enjoy.

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