Runway Model Fail Compilation
I've never really understood fashion shows.  Somehow or another, hot chicks wearing stupid clothes, walking around and turning is supposed to be the height of fashion.  The only good thing about the catwalk, is watching chicks fall on their faces. This video features the best of the b…
Lingerie Company Hires Cross-dresser to Model New Push-up Bra
I don't think any of you are ready for this -- a Dutch department store, Hema, has a new model for their new "Mega Push-up Bra" -- Andrej Pejic. Here's one thing you may not know about Pejic, she's a world leading  androgynous model -- pretty hot, huh? Check ou…
Two Hot Chick Posing In Their Underwear
I don't think there is really a point to this video.  It's just two smoking hot chicks prancing around the Maxim Magazine offices, rocking bras and panties.  By no means am I complaining.
Sexiest Hot Models Compilation Video
This is the best of the best!
Over the past year I've posted some pretty hot videos of some extremely hot models. This video basically gives you all of that in the best 9 minutes of your life. Some of the chicks featured include Irina Shayk, Jade Bryce, Julie Henderson, Aleck Chavat and many mor…
10 Hot Chicks [VIDEO]
Personally, I didn't care for today's 'Daily Hot Chick', there's a good chance you feel the same way. Either way, I've included 10 video/pics of some REALLY hot chicks. By the way, who the hell picked the music for this? What a dumb song, but who really cares anyway?