Nemo Balloon Causes Mom To Freak Out In The Kitchen [VIDEO]
Some people get really startled really easy. This mom was just minding her business hacking up a turkey when Nemo stopped by for a visit. I'm not sure how she didn't see that big ole thing coming at her but she's lucky she didn't stab herself in the face with that freak out.
Mom Pulls Gun On Teens In City Park [VIDEO]
Here is just another story to spark controversy over gun control. Now before you decide to argue for or against what this woman did, let's look at a couple small things. If the kids are being jerks or causing a problem, bringing a gun into the situation isn't going to help.
Mom Scares the Crap Out of Her Toddler on Purpose [VIDEO]
I know Halloween has come and gone but we got a late entry in the "Mom of the Year" category that just happen to have happened on Halloweeen. Now, most people enjoy a good scare on especially on Halloween,  unless you're a toddler. Check it out as this woman tries to coax…
Twins Face Murder Charges In Mother’s Death
Twins are kind of creepy from the get go, but when they murder their mother and leave her rotting in the house they live in, they get really creepy.  Twin 49 year olds from Texas are being charged for just that.