Hot Chick Washing Bike Is A Major Fail [VIDEO]
Men and women alike enjoy a good bike wash. I am guessing the owner of this particular bike was not happy with this wash down. Well, maybe for a minute. Check out this girl attempting to act super hot while soaping down a bike. The end result is a hot mess!
Biker Gang Vows to Protect Children Against Abuse [VIDEO]
It has been the trend throughout the years to think that bikers are heartless, drifters, or wanderers who don't really care about much of anything. I happen to know differently. And this group of Bikers are just part of the proof that they are top-notch people...
Thick Plastic Stretched Across Road in West Michigan [VIDEO]
What police suspect to be a prank was luckily caught by another driver before it hurt anyone who ventured down Lincoln Road in Kent county. I have to say I am disturbed and irritated that anyone would think that this is funny. I am all about a good joke or prank. But this doesn't fall unde…
Motorcyclist Brake Checks Car, Gets Nailed [VIDEO]
Ok, so I'm all about motorcycles and their right to be out on the road as much as the next guy. I also think that in the summertime people should just expect bikes to be out on the road and thus drivers should look twice before making a move or lane change...
Motorcyclist Saves Woman’s Coffee Mug From Certain Death [VIDEO]
If you haven't seen this yet it's pretty amazing. A motorcyclist in Utah noticed that the woman driving in front of him left her coffee cup on her bumper. And somehow, he manages to swing past at a pretty high speed, snag the cup, follow the woman, and give it back to her all while both of…
Girls Falls Off Bike and Get Stuck Between Tire and Fender [VIDEO]
Since we've had a couple nice days this week I've been seeing a few bikes out on the roadways, which is awesome. However, I think before the riding season gets fully underway I feel I should just remind everyone to make sure your playin' it safe out there. Also make sure if your letti…
Bench Press Wheelie
This dude automatically has to become a candidate for Biggest Bad Ass Of All Time. Unless you're Batman, or maybe the dude that killed bin Laden, I'm pretty sure this man could destroy you.
Three-Wheeled Motorcycle Converted Into Rock Band
Most band vehicles suck.  Unless you're rolling around on Kid Rock money, most bands count on vans that have been used as evidence in  an abduction case.  These three Russians break that stereotype though, and use a motorcycle as a means of transportation and practice space.

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