Superhero Movie Easter Eggs You May Have Missed [VIDEO]
With 'Captain America: Civil War' coming out next week, we are seeing more and more detailed videos on the movies. Trying to keep up with Marvel movies, and other comic movies can prove to be a bit confusing. My goal over the summer is to watch everyone all the way through to see what I&ap…
Linkin Park’s ‘In The End’ Sung By 183 Movies [VIDEO]
Some people have way too much time on their hands and I hate them for it. I wish I had enough time to do something so pointless. If you are a Linkin Park fan though, you might get a kick out of this. I did however try to count the number of these movies I've actually seen.
Movies That Make Tony LaBrie Cry Like a Big Baby [VIDEO]
While watching these tear jerkers, It's more about fighting back tears and the lump in my throat than anything. Some are tears of joy and some are tears of sorrow, both are the tears I shed for the movies I love. Here is my list of movies and the clips that turn me into a big baby.
Mark Wahlberg Defends the Military From Hollywood Elite [VIDEO]
Why anyone in Hollywood would ever think this is beyond me. But to vocalize it seems to be an even dumber idea, and on Veteran's day on too. But leave it to Tom Cruise  to say that his Job is "just as difficult as fighting in Afghanistan". Luckily, their's at least o…
Five Movies You May Not Remember Being Filmed In Michigan [VIDEO]
There is nothing more exciting than a film crew from La-La-Land moving into your neck of the woods for a few months to shoot the next Hollywood blockbuster – especially, when some of the movie industry’s top actors are attached to the production. Seriously, how many of you have ever gone…

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