Muse Cover Prince’s ‘Sign o’ the Times’ [Listen]
Muse certainly explored new sonic territories with their recent dubstep-inspired track 'Unsustainable,' and now the British rockers drift even further from their original, um, muse with a cover of Prince's 'Sign o' the Times,' recorded earlier today at the BBC…
Muse, ‘Madness’ – Song Review
Muse frontman Matt Bellamy wasn’t kidding when he said the group’s new music was partially inspired by Skrillex. While the first listen of Muse’s upcoming ‘The 2nd Law’ album, ‘Unsustainable,’ was full-on dubstep at times, the band’s official new singl…
Muse, ‘Unsustainable’ – Song Review
Muse have hopped on the dubstep bandwagon — and wouldn’t you know it, like everything else the Brit rock trio churns out, they’ve done it in epic fashion. For a taste of Muse trying their hand at the biggest trend in EDM, check out Exhibit A: ’Unsustainable,&rs…
Muse’s New Music Was Inspired by Skrillex
Muse have frequently been compared to Radiohead, but when it came time to work on their upcoming album ‘The 2nd Law,’ the band took its cues from an altogether different source: dubstep star Skrillex.

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