To Kill or Not to Kill… Your Mustache
You might think shaving off that "mouth brow" is a smart decision, but is it really? Before you take the plunge, enjoy a few of these activities that can only be enjoyed by guys (and some girls) with a 'stache.
15 Awkward ‘Movember’ Mustaches
Unless you're just now emerging from hibernation, you're probably aware the greatest time of year is upon us: Movember. It's an entire month where participating men ditch their razors in an attempt to grow some wild 'staches and raise money for cancer research.
Best Celebrity Mustaches in Honor of ‘Movember’
During the month of November men everywhere -- and some women -- will grow a mustache for cancer awareness making the month of November; 'Movember.'
Since it is 'Movember' I decided to grow a 'creeper-stache' to support this awesome cause -- not to mention how rad I will…