Astronaut Scott Kelly Returns to Earth Two Inches Taller [VIDEO]
Earlier this morning astronaut Scott Kelly arrived in Houston after nearly a year-long mission in space. The one-year mission was designed to help NASA better understand what happens to an astronaut's physical and mental health during an extremely long stay in a micro-gravity environment.
NASA Rocket Explodes During Launch [VIDEO]
A NASA rocket filled with supplies for the International Space Station exploded during it's launch Tuesday (10/28/14) evening. The rocket was unmanned but there was major damage to the launch facilities.
Did NASA Spot a UFO On Mars With Curiosity? [VIDEO]
It's a pretty big deal that NASA landed the robot vehicle Curiosity on the surface of Mars, but it would be an even bigger deal if Curiosity ended up documenting evidence of life on the red planet.  Some people are saying that's exactly what has happened, check out the video the world…
Space Shuttle Launch With High Quality Audio and Video
Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be there in person to see a real deal space shuttle launch. Well, it looks like that will never actually happen, this is the closest I will come. If you have a nice sound system for you computer, crank this thing up, it sounds killer!
Interesting Argument About The Budget Cuts To The Space Program
Astrophysicist  Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses and makes an interesting point about the disgusting budget cuts to the space program and basically the future of our existence. I think after watching this you will be amazed at what it would cost us to keep our space program up and running, not onl…
NASA Space Shuttle Missions
The fact that people go into space is a very underrated.  I'm not trying to go all Dr. Nerd on you, but you should watch this video of the recently retired Space Shuttle and every mission it undertook.