National Anthem

Canadian Singer Butchers The Star Spangled Banner At Hockey Game
In case you missed the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show this morning, the guys played a tape of a singer performing some anthems before a hockey game this weekend.  I can only imagine how nerve racking it must be to sing in front of thousands of people, especially if you don't fully know the song.  Th…
Horrific Rendition of The National Anthem [VIDEO]
This is being called one of the "worst ever renditions" of the National Anthem. I would have to agree, I just want this little 11 year-old girl to shut her mouth. The best part of the video is watching the reaction of the players and fans.
Jack Black Sings The National Anthem
You wouldn't think that Jack Black would be taken seriously enough to sing the national anthem but these guys did.  I have to say that he did one hell of a job too.  Way better then most that try to add their personal touch.  Normally the artistic interpretations of artists suck …
Autistic Man Gets Some Help Singing The National Anthem
For all of the crappy things that happen on the planet, you've gotta take the time to recognize one of the great things.  Watch what happens when an autistic man loses his place in the National Anthem and an entire stadium comes to his aid.
National Anthem Fails
We've heard the good, the bad and the God awful. This national anthem compilation video pretty much eliminates the good because all of these are God awful. If you would like to see more videos of people completely flubbing the national anthem, click here.