Jimmer Fredette Is FreReal [VIDEO]
If you watch college basketball, you've seen the national sensation out of BYU, Jimmer Fredette.  Dude had been lighting it up and is averaging over 30 points per game this season.  Check out his recent highlights and be a believer.
Carmelo Anthony News
Well sorry Pistons fans, but it seems the 3 team trade involving Detroit, New Jersey and Denver has been officially called off.  Check out what's going on inside.
Blake Griffin: Non-Rookie of the Year
Holy Eff, Blake Griffin can ball.  This dude is a superstar, and it's only his first year playing pro ball.  It's just too bad he plays for the Clippers and was a rookie last year.
Shaq, Micheal Jackson, and Santa Clause
I know it kind of sounds like a nightmare, or at least a bad joke, but for 75 youths in the Boston area, it sounds like Christmas.  A long time supporter of The Boys and Girls Club, Shaq promises to hook these kids up with a Christmas to remember.