News Reporter

Woman Spitting Interrupts News Report
I'm so glad that I clicked on this video because it is effing hilarious. This guy is getting ready for some kind of news report when all of a sudden a woman with a nasty cold walks up an starts spitting flem and snot all over. It's pretty gross but the reporter's reaction is priceless…
TV Reporter Walks Into Sign Post [VIDEO]
Sometimes a news reporter should just take no for an answer! Although a man refused to answer this reporters questions, the reporter continued to badger him. In the end, the reporter has a major run in with a sign post. Hilarious!
BBC Newscaster Asleep at News Desk [VIDEO]
I actually know for a fact Chris Monroe was sleeping in between traffic reports the last few mornings. Apparently he is not the only early rising reporter to fall asleep on the job.  Check out this video The Sun posted of a BBC news reporter sleeping after the jump.