Nate Burleson Tries to Recruit Reggie Bush To Lions [VIDEO]
Everyone that has seen a Detroit Lions game in the last few years knows they need a running back BADLY. So, Detroit Lions Wide Receiver Nate Burleson tried to do his part to remedy that problem by attempting to recruit Miami Dolphins Running Back (and Free Agent) Reggie Bush
Hilarious ‘Bad Lip Reading’ In The NFL
This is put together really well and sadly, I don't think all of these are made up.  I also did this with friends growing up.  It always fun to add your own dialogue to conversations that you can see and not hear.  The orange peanut line is probably my favorite in this video.&nbs…
The 5 Worst Officiating Mistakes of the 2012 NFL Season (So Far)
As you may have heard, hobos and miscreants are in charge of refereeing NFL games now! Or, rather, the NFL has decided to use high school referees as replacements while it negotiates with the actual referees' union, which has led to the occasional minor controversy. And while Monday's night's disast…
The 5 Most Questionable Calls in NFL History
By now, even non-football fans have heard about the officiating debacle in last night's showdown between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks (just check your Facebook feed). Facing a 12-7 deficit with just seconds left to play, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson rolled out of the pocket and …
‘Call It Maybe’ NFL Replacement Ref Spoof [VIDEO]
After last night's officiating debacle during Monday Night Football, NFL fans are livid about the replacement referees.  One fan took his hatred of the replacement zebras and put it into a hilarious spoof of the craptastic song "Call Me Maybe."

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