Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson On Madden ’13 Cover
Calvin Johnson AKA Megatron AKA Mega-Millions AKA The Best Wide Receiver in the NFL will be on the cover of the latest installment of the iconic video game franchise, Madden 2013.  Check out details on how he ended up on the cover and why so many Lions fans are worried about the Madden Curse.
8 Resources We Wish NFL Teams Used To Choose Draft Picks
Drafting in the National Football League isn’t the exact science that most NFL scouts and general managers would like you to believe it is. It explains why players like JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf can be first overall picks and Tom Brady can be a sixth-round selection.
The Week In Sports Recap 4/23/12
I love watching sports, because you can feel the glory of winning, with no effort what so ever.  Check out what's happening in the world of men getting paid millions of dollars to play a game.
Lions WR Calvin Johnson In Finals For Madden 2013
The Lions are once again making noise this offseason, as Detroit WR Calvin Johnson is down the final round of fan voting when it comes to the cover of Madden 2013.  Check out the details of Megatron's march to be the Madden cover boy.
2012 Detroit Lions Schedule
2012 is going to be a great year for Lions fans, as they are featured in five nationally televised games this season. The Honolulu Blue and Silver are looking to build on last years success, check out the details of what their season looks like.
The Week In Sports Recap 4/16/12
Another weekend in the books, another 48 hours of me laying on the couch, in my underwear, watching sports, drunk. Check out what's happening in the world of sports.
The Week In Sports Recap 4/9/12
April is one of the better months in sports, considering that we are looking at NHL and NBA playoffs, the start of the baseball season, and a tradition unlike any other, The Masters.  Check out my thoughts on what's going on around the sporting world.
New Nike Detroit Lions Jerseys
Just another reason to be pumped about the 2012 Lions season. Check out the new threads that Nike rolled out in Silver and Honolulu Blue.

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