nut shot

Foul Ball Takes Out Couple
If you go to a baseball game, you have to be ready for a stray ball coming your way.  This couple was not ready, and they both paid dearly for their error.  Watch this ball seemingly break the laws of physics, as it travels from his crotch to her face.  It's a nut-shot/facial.
Dude Gets Cup Checked At 2012 Masters
No matter what you're doing, protecting the family jewels should always be on your mind. You just never know when you might get blasted in the nards so you should always be ready to cover them. This dude was just watching golf, enjoying The Masters, when he got nut shotted. Protect them, guy…
3 Kids On A Swing Ends In Hilarious Accident
When you're an adolescent boy, you're pretty much invincible.  No matter how stupid and unsafe something looks, you can do it, because nothing bad is ever going to happen to you.  That is until something awful happens to you and it gets caught on video.
Nut Shot Fail!! Way To Go Fatty! [VIDEO]
It still amazes me that idiots all over the world are still trying to be like someone from Jackass.  Seems like it's just one stupid video after the other but every once in awhile you get a good one like this!  Definitely a great backfire!
Football To The Nuts…WHY? [VIDEO]
Don't get me wrong.  I love seeing stupid people do stupid things but why would let your friend punt your boys up into your throat.  I mean Maggie gives me a shot to nuts everyday but that doesn't mean I enjoy it!