Oakland Fan Gets Tasered During A’s/Tigers Game
You have to love drunk people.  This guy apparently had a little too much at the game and decided to take on the cops.  Even though he put on a good fight, the cops won the battle with a quick jolt to the back.  And now on to the the Seventh Inning Stretch.
MLB Umpire Blows Homerun Call, Twice [VIDEO]
And they wonder why people think they're blind. Another ump totally blows a call here. This time it's a home-run call during the A's/Indians game. The worst part is he still gets it wrong even after getting a chance to review it.
Intro to Lock Picking Class Offered By City, Endorsed By Mayor [Video]
In a city that’s already struggling with crime, and also where burglary at the top of its list, it doesn't see likely that, that city would offer a class to teach people how to pick a lock. Even more absurd is the notion that the mayor of that city would endorse the class. But thatȁ…