World’s Greatest Finger Painter
I'm no expert in the fine arts, but typically, when you think of art's greatest masterpieces, you don't think of finger paintings.  This video may change that opinion, check out the world's greatest finger painter.
Beagle Paints For Charity [VIDEO]
Anyone  who has ever had a Beagle knows how special they are.  When I was a kid we had a Beagle named Robbie. I loved that dog!  MSNBC is reporting that a fellow Beagle lover has trained Beagles to paint.  The painting are then sold and all money collected goes to help other beag…
Incredible Ambidextrous Painter
I'm a lefty and I do everything with my left hand, I can't think of anything that I do with my right hand at all. This dude's got some serious skills, he's an amazing artist that is ambidextrous (uses left and right hands). This video shows off just how good he is.
One Minute Painting, Not Bad!!!
It's amazing to me how people come up with this stuff.  At first you think is going to be some stupid abstract painting that will sell for $4,000 then BAM!  It's actually pretty cool.  I'm half tempted to try it.  All you need is spray paint and the annoying sales …