This Video Will Change You In 60 Seconds
I am not a parent, but I do have nieces and nephews. I try my best to say and do the right things around them, sometimes I slip. I have been put on 'the naughty list' and have been called a 'bad worder' for saying 'heck' more times than I can count. If they consider &ap…
8 Unintentionally Inappropriate Children’s Books
Reading to a child is essential to their growth, and most children's books address similar topics of sharing, accepting who you are and eating your vegetables. We found some gems from the children's literature department, though, that made us pause and say WHAT?!?!
Alicia Silverstone Feeds Baby Mouth to Mouth [VIDEO]
First I must say, I am not a mother.  But I know plenty of women that are.  I have never seen any of them feed their children this way.  Actress Alicia Silverstone recently posted a video of herself and her baby on her blog, "The Kind Life".  In the video Silverstone is feeding her baby li…