Super Mario Bros Turns Real Thanks To Parkour [VIDEO]
I've never been that impressed with parkour. Sure it takes a lot of skill and practice, but I've never been able to see the need to be able to jump from one building to another. This video may have changed my mind though. If I could relive my childhood memories like this, I would be down t…
Free Running in LED Suits [VIDEO]
Everybody has seen those videos where people free run or as some people call it parkour.  It's basically just running, jumping and flipping over stuff, but it's incredibly bad ass, especially when you put the runners in LED light suits.
Parkour Accident Leaves Man’s Face Mangled [VIDEO]
Robert Stafsing is a stuntman that was attempting to flip from one roof top to another but ended up bashing his face on the way down instead. This guy suffered a laundry list of injuries that can be seen at the end of the video. Robert will make a full recovery.
Acrobatic Double-Footed Nutshot
This is absolutely the most insane and brutal nutshot I've ever seen.
Apparently, this is a parkour hazing for the Tempest Free Running Academy. I don't care how badass this school is, there is no reason to do this to anybody. This crotch stomp could seriously cause some major and permanent…
Parkour Fails [VIDEO]
So Parkour is a new "sport" that involves jumping off of things and busting backflips in urban areas.  Unless you suck at Parkour, cuz than it involves a whole bunch of falling and getting hurt.