Man Gets Penis Caught In Toaster [VIDEO]
Does your toaster have a warning label on it that reads 'Do Not Insert Penis'? Would you need to be told NOT to put your penis in a toaster? Common sense did not prevail in one Englishman's case, he did indeed put his penis inside of a toaster and it did get stuck!
Tiny Diapers For The Tip of Your Penis [VIDEO]
No guys like male spotting, it can be really embarrassing. Well now there's a solution because sometimes no how matter how much you jump and shake, a little pee still comes out. Honestly this beats the bulk of a full size diaper.
Smoking Weed = Less Boners
Considering half the people reading this are probably stoned, I wanna let you know to not freak out.  Testing isn't completed but early reports say the more weed you smoke, the more likely you are to face sexual dysfunction.

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