Houston’s Most Disgusting House On The Market [VIDEO]
I've let my house go once or twice in my life, but nothing a day of cleaning couldn't fix. This house is way beyond that. Nothing short of gutting it or burning it to the ground can help this home. I have no idea how home owners can have such a nice house only to let it get destroyed by a …
What Pet Should Monroe Get For His Daughter?
I need your help friends. I made a deal with my nine-year-old daughter that if she had a great remote card we could get a small pet. Well, she did and now we need to pick one out. I've had a lot of pets in my life time but have a few restrictions.
Pets on Pot? Yes, According to Arizona Vet [VIDEO]
I am guessing people are not intentionally sharing pot with their pets, or are you? An Arizona veterinarian says the number of cases of pets ingesting marijuana has increased  in the last few years. Not going to lie, I know people that have panicked because their pets ate their stash.
Cat with Surfing Skills [VIDEO]
I'm just going to come out and say it, this is definitely a stupid pet trick video.  But along with being stupid it's pretty damn awesome too.  Check out this kitty hang claws and shred some serious wavage on his surf board, all while he rides it to safety.
7th Annual Pet Fest Happening In Grand Blanc
Some people consider their pets to be a part of their family, but many animals meet their end looking for a new home, waiting for someone to adopt them.  Check out the details on the 7th annual Pet Fest in Grand Blanc and how you can help save a pet's life.
Kitten Vs. Full-Size Doberman [VIDEO]
The animal kingdom can be a cruel place, where the strong prey on the weak.  This video shows that battle in the most primitive of fashion, as a young kitten faces off against an adult doberman.
Man Wearing a Dog Shock Collar
People are stupid, but this guy in particularly so.  Watch this moron put on a dog collar to test the humaneness of the different shock levels.
8 Holiday Pet-Proofing Tips
Here’s a question that Vetstreet’s Dr. Patty Khuly gets asked often this time of the year: How do you keep all those pets of yours out of trouble?
It’s a great question when you’ve got tinsel, glittery ornaments and all manner of holiday trappings decking your halls, walls and — most menacingly of al…

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