New App Forces Kids To Reply To Parents
I get so mad when I text my kid and he doesn't reply. He always has his phone and he's always on it watching dumb videos. So, when he doesn't reply, I know he's ignoring me...well those days are over.
Man Misses Out On Whale Sighting While Looking At Phone [VIDEO]
Look around you, do you see just the tops of heads? Chances are the answer is yes. We are glued to our phones. We have watched videos of people walking into fountains, falling and not to mention wreck vehicles while looking at their phones. Here we see a man who totally missed out on a giant whale s…
Girlfriend Caught Snooping Prank Goes Wrong [VIDEO]
Talk about a backfire. Now, it's no secret that most women will go through your phone, most guys too I'm sure, and all of us have wanted to do this. This guy actually did to catch the reaction. Too bad the crazy bitch had a knife and a big screen TV.
Pooping Without Your Phone Can be Really Boring [VIDEO]
I would like to think that only guys are guilty of this but I think deep down the ladies use their phone on the crapper just as much as the dudes. I mean what else are you going to while sitting there for endless minutes, read a newspaper? Those days are long gone, come on it's 2013.
How to Break Your Texting Habit [VIDEO]
Tired of texting out long time consuming messages? Confused by your drunk friends cryptic  wordings? Well, there is a new scientific break through in communication technology. Check this out, you will be amazed!