Pizza Hut Testing Beer Flavored Pizza [VIDEO]
Do you think beer pairs well with pizza? I do! Pizza Hut is currently testing a pizza infused with beer in London. No word yet if that pie will make it across the pond to us - we can only hope it does. Could tequila infused tacos be next? I can only hope!
Girl On ‘Kiss Cam’ Gets It On With Pizza Slices [VIDEO]
Pamela Anderson was discovered on a Jumbotron at a Canadian football game, so I am hoping the same thing happens for this pizza eating chick! Watch as a girl at a Atlanta Hawks game 'makes out' with two pizza slices on the 'Kiss Cam'. Kissing or pizza? The obvious answer is PIZZA…
Portable Pizza Pouch is Perfection [VIDEO]
Pizza lovers rejoice! This 'Pizza Pouch' is the coolest thing since pizza! I could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hot or cold - It doesn't matter to me. No longer do pizza lovers everywhere have to stuff slices into our pockets. We can now wear our pizza with pride!

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