Drunken Moron Gets Tackled By Pilot On Plane [VIDEO]
Alcohol is not this guys friend. After boarding a flight, this hammered dude was told to take his seat and buckle up. After arguing with the flight attendant, the pilot decided to get involved. Finally the guy had enough and tried to push his way through and the pilot took him to the ground.
Plane Lands In The Middle Of City Intersection [VIDEO]
Well here is something you don't see everyday. As this guy was waiting to go through this intersection, his dashcam captures something pretty crazy. A plane lands and cruises through the intersection in front of him. After the light changes, he attempts to catch up to the plane and does.
Woman Smokes On Plane [VIDEO]
The first time I watched this video I was pretty sure the woman smoking was Chris Monroe. I would not put it past Chrissy to smoke on a plane, he has been busted smoking in the radio station bathroom several times. This smoking on a plane bitch is a perfect match for Chris "black lung&q…
Bird Crashes Through Airplane Window [VIDEO]
This is why I will never get in a small plane like this.  Watch as this bird crashes right into the cockpit and nearly takes out the pilot.  Despite being injured, he was still able to land the plane safely.  I declare open season on seagulls.
Woman Argues With Cops On Plane And Is Eventually Arrested
I would be pissed if I was on this plane.  Not only did she delay the flight, she was really obnoxious about it.  I can understand if you weren't doing anything wrong but there is a way to fix that.  All you have to do is stay calm, most cops don't want to deal with crap.&nb…
Crane Destroys Restored Fighter Jet
I'm not going to act like I can run heavy machinery.  But I don't get paid to, so it's all good.  Check out the video of this tipping his crane and destroying a historic jet.

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