Man Live Streams His Standoff With Police [VIDEO]
I would imagine this will really help out with his mental illness defense. Instead of turning himself in for a mental evaluation, this guy decides to stream the whole thing on Facebook. Obviously this backfired as the police were watching it too and eventually called in the SWAT team.
Driver Shoots at Battle Creek Police Officer [VIDEO]
This just goes to show how police are at risk every single day, even during a routine traffic stop. As soon as this Battle Creek police officer approaches this vehicle, the man inside opens fire on him and drives off. Luckily for the officer, the shooter just barely missed his head but was temporari…
Druggie Tased, Pepper Sprayed, And More At McDonald’s [VIDEO]
I never want to try the drug that this guy is on. While in a McDonald's, this guy gets tased first and still continues to walk around when being pumped with electricity. Next, they take a few swats at him with the baton and that doesn't work. A few more tasers and some pepper spray finally…
Michigan Cops Can’t Catch Guy on a Moped [VIDEO]
How many Michigan police officers does it take to catch a guy on a moped? Although you might be waiting for the punch line for what sounds like a bad joke, a recent video published on You Tube reveals the answer to be somewhere between 7 and 11.

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