Three Officers Resign After Making Kid Eat His Pot [VIDEO]
This seems like a twisted scene from 'Super Troopers." After pulling over a 19-year-old and finding pot in the car, the officers allegedly make him eat it to avoid getting into more trouble and letting him off with just some traffic tickets. Of course, none of their body cams were on a…
Prank – Hey Man, Ya Want A Little Pot? [VIDEO]
If a person comes up to you in the mall and says "Hey man, ya want a little pot?" Obviously weed is the first thing that comes to mind, not a pot literally. These guys tricked a lot of folks in this video including a security guard that was baffled by what he saw.
Michiganders Rally To Legalize Marijuana
It's hard to  believe that it's 2012 and smoking weed is still illegal.  Don't get me wrong, there are medical marijuana laws in place, but medical marijuana is a different story.  I'm talking about full legalization, and Michiganders are converging on Lansing in s…

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