Man Pranks Wife With Balls [VIDEO]
I have loved pranks since I was a kid. Somehow I talked my sisters into trashing our house and pretending to be kidnapped when we were kids. We hid and watched as my mom freaked out. Not my best work. Maybe I should have filled the house with balls like Roman Atwood did!
Awesome Stadium Prank, Where Is Rob? [VIDEO]
Improv Everywhere has done it again with another good prank. This time they a friend named Rob that pretended to be lost at a basketball game. Although he was in on the joke, he kept popping up in different areas of the arena. Eventually the whole crowd became a part of the action.
Kid Tries To Prank Satan, Fails Miserably [VIDEO]
I love when someone tries to be a douche and fails. This guy tried to push this poor girl in the water, but she turned the tables on him. On top of that, a word to the wise, never try to prank someone with the name "Satan" on their shirt!
Girlfriend Caught Snooping Prank Goes Wrong [VIDEO]
Talk about a backfire. Now, it's no secret that most women will go through your phone, most guys too I'm sure, and all of us have wanted to do this. This guy actually did to catch the reaction. Too bad the crazy bitch had a knife and a big screen TV.
Awesome ‘Star Wars’ Prank [VIDEO]
Why can't something cool like this ever happen to me. If I was ever pranked like this, I would destroy some storm troopers! You do have to appreciate the preparation that went into it along with the randomness.
Telekinetic Priest Prank Is Creepy As Hell [VIDEO]
Pranks have come a long way in the past years. This time it's downright creepy. First of all, anyway in a costume like that walking towards you out of the darkness is scary enough. Add on the "telekinetic" part and you may need some new pants.
The Killer Clown Prank Returns [VIDEO]
How would you react to this killer clown prank? He covers it all in this video. From burying a body to chasing you with a chainsaw. I've heard a lot of people talk tough about this saying they would beat his ass. We might just have to try this in Flint to find out the truth.

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