Hilarious NSA Webcam Spying Prank [VIDEO]
You can do pretty much anything with a computer nowadays. Watch as comedian Jack Vale hacks into his friend's and family's webcams just to mess with them. I would've have freaked out too but never would've thought to check the webcam.
‘Abandoned Child’ Prank Would Scare You to Death [VIDEO
Seriously someone is going to have a heart attack one of these times during these scary ass pranks. Here a little girl is crying with her head down and it seems she's been abandoned. As people walk up to help the little girl, she lifts her head up only to reveal her disfigured evil face.
Beach Babe Farting Prank Really Stinks [VIDEO]
Hey let's face it, chicks fart, it's just the nature of the beast. It honestly doesn't bother me one bit unless I was at the beach rubbing lotion all over their back. That's exactly what's going down in this prank video with the help of a fart machine and some liquid ass.

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