Dudes Get Horribly Embarrassed by Yoga Pants Prank [VIDEO]
Guys, I'm sure at one point or another in any given relationship you've heard your girl say. "It ain’t easy being a woman". And that’s what this dude is going to find out as he puts on a pair of tight leggings, leans over the trunk of his car to see how m…
Awesome Vampire In The City Halloween Prank [VIDEO]
The scare videos are coming out left and right as we amp up to Halloween night.  Most of them are pretty bad.  If all you do is jump out at someone and scream, it doesn't count as a scare prank, you are just an ahole of a friend.  This is a good Halloween scare prank.
Grand Theft Auto Prank [VIDEO]
With  the release of GTA 5 last week, Stuart Edge thought it would be an appropriate time to pull a Grand Theft Auto Prank. While leaving the keys in the car, the driver runs to get something real quick and asks some nearby folks to watch his ride only to have someone else jump in and steel it.

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