MSU Coaches And Players Scared By Statue Prank
As much as I hate to give a Spartan credit, this is not a bad video.  Watch as the Michigan State football coaches and players are scared walking through the archway by what seems to be a harmless statue.  So of the reactions are great.  However, it's a good thing that guy had th…
Awesome Three Story Fall Prank At Mall
This one definitely has some creativity to it.  They have the perfect cover up for the cameras as the targets are there to audition for a part as a TV host.  Next they quickly drop a dummy so the people don't realize it's fake.  Some of the reactions are priceless.
Roman Atwood’s Ultimate Fight Me Prank [VIDEO]
This a funny prank unless you are the one being pranked, then it would be down right scary. Imagine you are just standing somewhere minding your own business and you hear a guy on the phone picking a fight but describes you and what you're wearing, then takes off leaving you with a bunch of big…
Guy Pranks His Buddy With Pudding in a Diaper [VIDEO]
This guy's buddy is so freaked by dirty diapers that he decides to pull an awesome prank by filling a diaper with pudding and tries to show off the goods. This rather large man just flips out and starts screaming mad, at one point I thought he was gonna jump out the window.
Awesome Teddy Bear Prank Scares The Crap Out Of People
There is just something really creepy about teddy bears.  Most stuffed animals are designed with a look that makes you think they are going to come to life and eat your soul.  This one is no different.  I think getting stuck in an elevator with creepy thing would be the worst.
Prank – Hey Man, Ya Want A Little Pot? [VIDEO]
If a person comes up to you in the mall and says "Hey man, ya want a little pot?" Obviously weed is the first thing that comes to mind, not a pot literally. These guys tricked a lot of folks in this video including a security guard that was baffled by what he saw.

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