Haircuts in The Hood Prank [VIDEO]
These guys say they are in the hood while attempting this prank, it doesn't look like the hood to me. Try this in Flint and see what happens, actually don't. As these guys say, they are trained idiots.
Fake Head Scares The Crap Out of People [VIDEO]
These guys do a great job scaring some innocent folks that are just walking by, minding their own business. Check out the very last guy in the video that they try to scare, there's always one tool that has to ruin it for everybody.
Farting in The Hood Prank Will Crack You Up [VIDEO]
I will start by saying, farts are funny and I laughed my ass off at this prank. This video is from the same guys that pulled the pee prank on police a while back. What I really want to see is what happens after when these guy get a major beat down.
Guys Get Pranked by The Pine-Sol Lady [VIDEO]
I'm glad I clicked on this, it turned out to be really funny. These guys thought they were part of a Pine-Sol product test but actually they were part of a prank that involved a large black woman jumping out at them. That woman was none other than...the Pine-Sol lady. A couple of these guys had…

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