Guys Pull Awesome Fake Treasure Chest Prank
These guys really put a lot into this prank, which ended up suckering a bunch of people of Venice Beach. It all started with about $100 of chocolate coins that got put into a chest and then buried on Venice Beach at 2am. The next day these dudes dug up the fake treasure and really tricked a  lo…
Fake Robbery Prank On Girlfriend
Well done good sir.  This is simple but turned out to be a great prank.  You can tell they don't live in Flint though.  If it was in Flint, he probably would've have to bullets to the chest.  Check it out.
Awesome Skeleton Prank At Bike Show
Sometimes is the simple pranks that are the best.  This guys just set up a camera, put on a mask, and scared the crap out of people.  See, even bikers can get scared.  I was kind of surprised that he didn't get punched in the face though.  Enjoy.
Mich Couple Fakes Murder, Police Respond
A couple out of Newaygo County set up a murder scene to prank their gullible friends and it all went horribly wrong. Their friends showed up to the house, saw what looked like a murder, they freaked out and got the hell out of there. They immediately called 911 and four police departments arrived to…
Parents Prank Kid With Saran Wrap In The Doorway
They have my vote for parents of the year.  Not only did they pull a prank on the kid, they did it well.  Right down to the heat shrink and everything.  This is one prank I really want to pull on Maggie but it's very tough to pull off in this building.  Don't worry thou…
Hilarious Pee Prank Played on Cops
We've featured tons of pranks here but never any that involves the police. This dude puts a hole in the top of his water bottle and holds it so it looks like he's going pee. As you know, cops don't really go for this. He's lucky that most of these officers had a sense of humor ab…
Farting in Public Prank
I don't care what you say, farts are funny. This guy walks around with what is called "The Pooter" and surprises a few people as they think he's dropping some ass right in front of them. Some of these reactions are priceless.
Drunk Chick Cinnamon Challenge Switch
The cinnamon challenge is basically swallowing a tablespoonful of cinnamon with out the aid of water, which sounds pretty easy until you try it. These two chicks are all set to down some cinni, but one ends up with a mouth of cayenne pepper instead.
Shopping List Prank
This is a prank that would be so much fun to do and is so easy to pull off. These two dudes write each others shopping lists that they must take into Target and ask the employee if these non-existent items are available and where to find them. There are some funny ass items on these lists, including…
New Mom Gets Pranked With Baby Swap
Here's how it went down: The new mom puts the baby down to sleep, the husband's friend is waiting outside. Once the coast is clear the friend opens the window and takes out the baby then he crawls in with a scary mask and crawls into the baby crib. Once the mother hears some crying coming from the b…

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