Potato Gun Explodes in Kids Face [VIDEO]
Not too much more I can add to this one. Pretty self explanatory here. A kid tried to make a potato gun. Aaaaaaaand...FAILED. To reiterate the words you'll hear someone say off camera "This is how stupidity really hurts people". Touché,good…
MLB Player ‘Taps’ Third Base Coach in the Crotch [Video]
It's a widely known fact that MLB players have a tendency to play pranks on one another, and sometimes, even the coaches get in on the fun. Which is what happened when Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur decided to play a prank most guys have been a victim too in their junior high and early hig…
Roman Atwood Pees on A Ferrari [VIDEO]
Sorry, dude. You're the mother of all douche-bags, and in my mind this guy deserved this. Not only because he's an arrogant prick, but because he parked in a handicapped spot.

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