Colorado Students Serve Classmates Pot Brownies as Prank
Just because it's legal to do it on your own time in Colorado, doesn't mean you can drug your whole class. Two University of Colorado students in Boulder thought it would be funny to bring pot brownies to a morning class to share. Then a bunch of people who ate them had freak-outs. Suddenl…
Student Pulls Hilariously Awkward Staring Prank
You know how much we love pranks. We're not talking about the terrifying kind involving zombies; we're big fans of the innocent variety like posting a picture of a fake lotto ticket. These types of jokes are all in good fun, and they give us awesome ideas for our own everyday pranks. That&…
The Funniest ‘Scary Maze Game’ Reaction Videos
Few things are most satisfying than pulling off a really, really good prank. We're talking about the scare-your-pants-off kind that leaves our unsuspecting little siblings and friends falling victim to tons of spazzing out and the occasional tear or two. Basically, it's the best kind of me…
I Miss College, Check Out These College Pranks
There is nothing like a good prank to brighten your day.  I may have to start pulling a few of these around the office just to keep things interesting.  Maggie will definitely be the hardest but most fun to prank.  Enjoy some college pranks after the jump.
April Fools Starts Early at the Banana 101.5 Studios
So yesterday I posted the picture above on Facebook -- I am the office 'nerd' pretty much, so of course I like nerdy things. By the time I got home from work someone on the Banana staff had stolen all my mugs and posted a ransom pic on Facebook. My main suspect, Chrissy Monroe!

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