The Best Pranks Of 2012 So Far
If there is one thing that happens often in this building, it's pranking our fellow co-workers.  A couple of these are older but they aren't too bad.  The birthday cake, the mayo and the cheating pranks are pretty damn good.  The axe prank must have cost a fortune.  Enj…
Microsoft Office Car Alarm Prank
Microsoft Office is one of those things that should be free but isn't. So when people see a hard copy of the program, they are pretty quick to check it out. Good thing Microsoft Office uses protection. This video is hilarious.
Top 10 Pranks of 2011
There were some great pranks in 2011, this list was put together from These are all awesome pranks but I think the #1 prank should have been the "Sexy Sax Man Serenade", I laughed my ass off at that one and watched it over and over. What was your favorite prank of 2011?
Top 10 Scare Videos From Last Year
It's that time of year again and I love it.  Scaring the crap out of your friends and family always makes for great internet browsing.  I think I'm going to try and do some of these things to Maggie. That will make my Halloween that much better.  If you have any good ideas that I can use on her send…
The Master Assh*le
I'm not sure what The Master Assh*le is so pissed about, but he's taking it out on everybody.  Check out this dude messing with random strangers.
Some Mothers Day Pranks To Enjoy [VIDEO]
These mothers must hate Mothers Day!  This video has it all.  From broke TV's to fake spiders to just random screaming.  I think the reaction from the first prank has to be the best...she was really upset over the TV.  Be sure to watch all the way through because number 1 is…
100 Japanese Pranksters [VIDEO]
Not sure what this Japanese game show is all about, but this segment is funny as hell.
100 people sneak up on one lonely person walking down the street and basically, scare the s*#t out of them. If you really didn't know what was going on, this would be freaky. I love it when they point and star…

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