Get Ready For 80’s Prom With Banana Staff Prom Pics
As we gear up for the first annual '80's Prom' at the Machine Shop this Saturday with Ironsnake, I thought it would be a good idea for the Banana staff to share their prom pics. In case you are not sure what to wear to an 80's prom, our pictures can totally help!
Walter White Helps Teen Get A Prom Date [VIDEO]
When I was in school people actually asked each other to prom. But that was 100 years ago. Kids today ask celebrities to be their dates, or in this case find a celebrity, ask that celebrity to ask that special someone to go to prom with you. Confused?
Flint U of M Students Hosting Prom Dress Drive For Local Girls
Some Flint U of M students are putting together a dress drive to ensure that area girls get the prom experience of their dreams. Prom dresses are not in the budget for many local families and these students want to be sure any girl that wants to attend prom will be looking and feeling her best!