Barry Sanders Delivers Top Ten List On Letterman [VIDEO]
After being named as the man that would grace the cover of Madden NFL 25, Barry sanders has been showing up almost everywhere. With such a busy schedule these days it was a surprise to see Barry show up on Late Night with David Letterman to deliver the Top Ten List. Here's the clip from that sh…
Barry Sanders Runs Away With Madden 25 Cover [VIDEO]
Barry Sanders retired long before the video game age really kicked off. Sure we had Super Nintendo,Sega and a couple other gaming systems vying for the attention of youngsters. But the way athletes are used in the world of gaming has changed since then. Which is why seeing Barry Sanders on the …
The 12 Craziest Psycho Girlfriends Ever [VIDEOS]
Are you ready for this? I've dated some crazy chicks in my past, but nothing that comes even kind of close to these insane women. If you're unhappy in your current relationship, just think, it could be a LOT worse. Here are the 12 most psychotic women on the internet.