Turn Your Pumpkin Into a Beer Keg [VIDEO]
This time of year people are pumpkin crazy. Between eating and drinking pumpkin flavored crap and Halloween most of us are beginning to morph into pumpkin people! Well here is one more thing for you to do with a pumpkin - turn it into a keg. You are welcome.
Man Demonstrates the Many Methods to Kill Pumpkins [VIDEO]
I don't know what it is or why we love to destroy pumpkins so much, maybe it's just one easy way to release your frustrations in life or just the demented person in all of us. Either way, this guy found some really fun ways including, fire, tractors, guns, light sabers and more.
20 Halloween Pumpkin Fails
Between your foolproof stencil of Justin Bieber's face and an endless supply of premium 99 cent carving tools, you probably envisioned yourself minutes away from that dreamy pop star pumpkin glowing all over your neighbors' jealous faces. What could go wrong?
Real Life Ron Swanson Carves Pumpkin With a Gun
When we carve pumpkins, we generally use a knife, but they must do things a little differently in the South. For example, Tennessee resident and YouTuber Hickok45 carves his pumpkin with a Colt 1911 handgun. Why, you may ask? Because using anything else would just be plain silly.