Punk Kid Destroys Dollar Store [VIDEO]
What the hell is wrong with kids these days. Had I done something like this when I was growing up, I would've had my ass beat. This kid just goes crazy and knocks things off the shelves until final someone stepped in and took him outside to wait for the cops. Where were his parents?
Drunk Rich Punk, ‘My Dad Owns Half Of Manhattan [VIDEO]
This obnoxious rich kid doesn't like his super drunk friend being filmed. As this guy is trying to film the drunk idiot falling over, his friend tries to stop the guy with the camera. To top it all off, the drunk punk makes the awesome claims of "my dad owns half of Manhattan,"…
Punk Kid Taught Lesson By Janitor
Who the hell does this kid think he is.  He decides to try and threaten an adult with a belt?  Things must really be backwards in Russia.  I really wish I knew what they were saying though.  All I know is that the kid tries to be a badass and ends up running away crying.