Win The Ultimate MIS Giveaway
This is your chance to win a once in a lifetime experience at Michigan International Speedway with driver Jamie McMurray.
Crazy Down Hill Street Bike Race
Arguably, this dude has the biggest set on the planet earth. I'm talking he must have bowling balls hanging, because this is one of the most intense runs I've ever seen and dude kills it.
Couple Humping At Horse Races
Everybody should try having sex in different places.  It's a completely different experience doing it somewhere unusual or risky.  But I don't know if I would recommend humping at the horse track while the ponies run by.  But, hey maybe you should.
World’s Greatest Drag Race
I'm not in particularly not a huge car guy, but this is a ridiculously bad ass race.  Featuring a Ferarri, Audi, Benz and a 2012 Nissian GT-R, there was well over a million dollars worth of car in this race.