Watch the ‘Workaholics’ Gang Rap About Wizards
It would be perfectly understandable to be disappointed if you were looking forward to seeing the guys from 'Workaholics' on Conan's show, and he announced that they had to cancel last minute. But that disappointment would be worth the excitement of realizing PSYCH that's totally…
Nickelback To Release Rap Album
It's a proven fact that anything on the internet is true. And that's why I'm so excited about the new Nickelback rap project, "NickelWrapz". Check out Chad Kroeger's video diary.
Santa Vs. Jesus Rap Battle
Okay, I get that we're a rock station, but some beefs can only be settled by a rap battle.  Check out Christmas's icons finally decide once and for all, who rules Christmas.
White Dude Does Wal-Mart Rap
Don't get me wrong, WalMart is a great company that employees a lot of people and helps people save a lot of money.  But what they have their employees doing to get pumped up is absolutely  ridiculous.  Check out the embarrassing video.
Golf Boys “Oh Oh Oh”
Ever since Tiger Woods got caught banging more porn stars than Chuck Sheen, nobody has given 2 craps about golf.  But the young up and comers of the sport are trying to change that, and they made a rap video to make some noise.