Red Bull

Guy Rides Dirt Bike On Roller Coaster Track [VIDEO]
This is pretty cool but takes a lot of balls. He jumps on his dirt bike and begins to take on the roller coaster track. Popping a few wheelies and tossing in a back flip or to was a nice touch. It's cool but I was to see him take on the Power Tower next.
Unbelievable Bike Back Flip, Biggest in History [VIDEO]
Mountain biker Cam Zink pulled off one hell of a bike back flip at this years Red Bull Rampage in Utah. Zink made a 78-foot jump, the biggest freeride mountain bike step-down back flip in history, according to Red Bull. I couldn't even walk down this mountain, let alone ride down it!
Red Bull Presents The Athlete Machine [VIDEO]
Red Bull is always doing something involved in the sporting world, whether it's setting free jump records, sponsoring motor races or being behind some of the best extreme athletes on the planet.  Now they've combined all of that stuff with The Athlete Machine.
Wingsuit Diver Flies Through A Mountain
Y0u've gotta be pretty crazy to jump out of a helicopter.  You've gotta be even crazier to do it wearing a wingsuit.  You've gotta be outta your effin mind to use that wingsuit to fly through a mountain.  Check out the video.