Redlight King

Redlight King Unveil ‘Times Are Hard’ Video
Redlight King are tackling the trials and tribulations of a generation with their latest single, 'Times Are Hard,' and if the song and its recent lyric video didn't tug at you enough, the band's new official video for the track is all but certain to move you.
Redlight King Vs. Hurt – Cockfight
Hurt are nearing the end of their reign on The Cockfight, but Redlight King looks to send them into early retirement with their new single from 'The Avengers' soundtrack. Check out the tracks and vote for your favorite now!
Redlight King – ‘Bullet In My Hand’ Acoustic Video
This song is really blowing up on the Banana. I figured it would be a great time to post this really cool acoustic version of "Bullet In My Hand" from the band Redlight King. These guys have yet to perform in Flint but hopefully we can change that soon. What do you think of this so…