Rednecks Fight Out On The Go Cart Track [VIDEO]
So what do you do when you are upset with another go cart driver? That's right, you flip the jerk over. I'm not sure what caused the fight, but who cares, rednecks will fight over anything! As soon as the first cart is flipped, the fight is on for everyone!
Jerk Runs Biker Off The Road, Gets Business End Of Helmet [VIDEO]
The dumb redneck used his truck to push a biker off the road. He says it's because he has his kids in the car, but that has nothing to do with driving on the wrong side of the road. As it looks, the biker was just minding his own business. As the redneck begins to yell, the bikers friend steps …
MMA Fighter VS. Redneck – Friday Night Fights
This is one hell of a street fight. It seemed pretty even in the beginning with a slight advantage to the kid in the blue shorts. Then he landed a few vicious blows and it was down hill from there. Quite the long fight too. Enjoy.
Monster Truck Tug Of War
Don't get me wrong, rednecks are white trash.  But they are awesome white trash.  Watch what happens when you get two hillbillies in a "My monster truck has more power" contest.