Man Fends Off Carjackers With Power Washer [VIDEO]
It's not too often that a squirt gun beats a real gun. This man was simply washing his car when two men tried to rob and carjack him. Instead of handing over the keys he turned the power washer on the robbers. After the first guy took off, his buddy tried to finish the robbery and ended up gett…
Calm Store Clerk Snatches Gun Out Of Robber’s Hands [VIDEO]
When life gets real, instincts tend to kick in and we are capable of a lot of things. This store clerk was minding his own business and working. While helping two other customers, in walks a guy with a gun trying to rob the store. After a few seconds, you can see the clerk spring into action.
Tough Kid Tries To Fight Robbers In Video Game Store [VIDEO]
This little guy is a badass! While in a video game store shopping for a new game, a couple masked men walk in and begin to rob them. The first guy goes straight to the counter, the other gathers everyone in the store and puts them on the floor. This little guy though wasn't going quietly. The l…
Eight-Year-Old Kid Takes Moms Gun, Robs Store [VIDEO]
The world is getting crazier each and every day. This little kid in Florida decided to rob a store. First, he took his mom's gun from her purse, which she is an idiot for keeping it there. Second, he took off on his bike and tried to rob a local grocery store. The clerks quickly over powered hi…
Restaurant Turns Robbery Into Hilarious Commercial [VIDEO]
This is a classic example of turning a negative into a positive. Late on night, a couple guys decided to rob a restaurant. They threw a rock through the door and ended up stealing the registers. Instead of feeling defeated, the taco restaurant took the security footage and turned it into this magica…
Fat Store Clerk Can’t Stop Girl From Robbing Him [VIDEO]
This guy is never going to live this down. This chick jumps through the teller window and figures out how to open the register. After she cleans out the drawer the clerk makes his way back on the scene. She tries to jump back through the window and is successful after the pudgy guy hits the floor.

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